Have Australians become complacent?

Australia Flag ImageGood morning Australia

Australia, the country of boundless dreams.

A safe, secure country full of hopes and a brighter future.

I learned something a few years ago that I’d like to share with you.

When people visit our capital city Canberra, allot go to visit our parliament and do tours to learn about the history of Australia.

My mother in law when visiting Australia from Israel, went to visit Canberra and yes she did do a tour of Parliament and subsequently learned a very important thing about our Australian emblem. The “coat of arms” of Australia, called the Commonwealth Coat of Arms.

When my mother in law returned from her tour she asked me a question.

“Why Lisa does the Commonwealth Coat of Arms have the Kangaroo and Emu on the coat of arms”?

I said, “because they are native Australian animals”.

The answer was NO!

I could not believe that I was wrong.

“So tell me, what is the answer I asked”.

And she told me.

The reason why those animals are on our emblem is that those animals cannot walk backward, meaning that Australia is only moving forward.

Wow!! Did you know that????? Not many Australians know this because I have asked a lot of people I know and they have no idea either..so there you go..something we should all know and trust.

But can we??

Can we trust our Government to protect us and move forward.?

Can we say we are moving forward as other countries are in the world, with our environment, our work ethics, our cost labour and what about security?

Security …how safe do you feel here in Australia?

I think most Australians have become very complacent about moving forward.

Change is important and we need to move forward with every change we face.

Stepping up with security systems is now more important than ever before because now Australia is facing a lot of the issues other countries where facing back then as we Australians from down under are starting to catch up and feel the effects of these changes.

We need to add extra layers of security to our homes, cars, offices. We need to think about how we will protect our environment in better ways, we need to rethink about how we will grow with this change and we need support from our Government bodies, to do so.

There are many questions I have and others, on what the answers are, to all these questions.???
Are you moving forward? Or are you moving backward and staying complacent?

National Security Committee(Australia): https://en.wikipedia.org

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