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Code Safe Vehicle SecurityThe CODE SAFE Immobiliser device provides theft deterrence by preventing unauthorised drivers from using the vehicle without the unique code. Its primary goal is to prevent the engine from running without keying in the correct code.

OUR anti-theft device, works even if the thief or “joy rider” has the original vehicle key.

The system has a miniature engine cut unit that operates through illuminated keypad for driver identification, connected to an engine blocker. The engine blocker is an unobtrusive electrical device installed by an authorised installer, which prevents the engine from running until the correct code is entered.

A sophisticated after market solution STOPS car theft, for over 2 decades has proven that this technology can STOP CAR THEFT. Throughout the Middle East and Europe the CODE SAFE became a mandatory installation through insurance.

The CODE SAFE is a safe guard product that provide car owners peace of mind when leaving their car.

Imported by LC Distributers pty ltd, CODE SAFE – STOPS VEHICLE THEFT

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